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  1. Awesome Monitors For Gamers

    As a gamer, you should be aware of the fact that the overall experience of gaming depends on several integral and crucial features in the gaming system that you use. The quality of the display on the monitor screen that you use is surely one of the most vital factors in the overall gaming experience that you will ever have. So, please ensure that you are serious and prudent in buying the monitor screen as it is possible for you at any point of time. You should not forget that the most accurate and balanced gaming monitor reviews which are vast on online sites will aid you. It will be a brilliant and inspired idea on the part of a buyer to read such reviews.

    The refresh rate of the monitor screen which you use as the display for your gaming system will be one of the most significant features that will decide upon the awesomeness of the monitor. The maximum number of times for which the gaming monitor screen can refresh itself in a second is referred to as the refresh rate of the monitor screen. It is important that you understand that if the refresh rate of the monitor screen is pretty high, then the quality of the screen and display will be better. So, opting for a monitor screen that has a very high refresh rate will ensure that you are always in a bright and radiant stead. The refresh rate of the monitor screen you choose should be at least 60 hertz.

    If you are pro gamer, then the refresh rate of the monitor screen that you use should be as high as possible. There are some monitor screens which have a refresh rate of almost 240 hertz. It will be a fairly accurate and splendid strategy on the part of any pro gamer to buy a gaming monitor screen which has a refresh rate of 240 hertz.

    This will ensure that you get the highest quality visuals when you are on the verge of playing the digital games which you truly love and adore. If the refresh rate of the gaming monitor screen is poor, then the visuals will appear to be distorted and broken thus leading to depreciation in the gaming experience which you get.

    The broken visuals will also break your flow when you are in the middle of any game with fast moving sceneries. So, if you want to play well at any game, then the monitor screen which you use must have a top notch refresh rate. Along with the refresh rate of the gaming monitor, the response time of the monitor should also be taken into account when you are about to purchase a gaming monitor screen.

    The response time of any gaming monitor screen is the measure of the rate at which any pixel on the monitor screen can change its color. So, a monitor screen with a pretty high response time can be the key to ensuring super amazing display of visuals on your gaming system.


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  2. Hitting The Leaderboards In Style In The Pokémon Go Series

    Catching a Pokémon has been the dream for many. It is also the heart of this exciting series. The game spun by the developer Niantic went viral across the globe as you can explore some real-world locations. The game allows you to keep going until you find them all. Featuring in more than six languages the Pokémon Go series has never failed to ignite the gaming spark.

    Many are already in the thoughts of what's coming up next in Pokémon Go series. The game is now said to feature more mechanics to retain old players and encourage new ones to stick together and longer. And the leaderboards for pokemon go has already topped. The portals of feature an array of interesting information on the new achievements of this iconic game. Let's go further to know more about the game.

    Improved AR technology The Augmented Reality (AR) technology for the game is going to witness more improvements in the future. It allows you to experience Pokémon all around your footpath and home. It is the biggest step that was made possible with dedicated devices that support AR technology. With the HoloLens from Microsoft, you can see Pokémon getting straight into your eyeballs. These advancements have brought about more players to enjoy the classic experience of playing Pokémon Go series.

    Some exciting add-ons for the game One of the core features that was introduced a few days back was a super hit. You can now trade your hard-earned Pokémon character with others. This trading tie-up is said to bring about more interaction among the players of the game. They can interact both in the real and virtual worlds. Your mobile's camera can now give you the feel of meeting Pokémon.

    The added features offer more excitement to the game. In the updated versions, there are different ways to play with gyms and PokéStops. They have become the important real-life landmarks. Many players gain experience, restock items, and contest with each other to win the battle. The add-on features allow the players to customize their playing options.

    More about the scoreboards There is a leadership scoreboard at the global level to find out the best player. Every player can also know about the best one in the battle. With the leaderboards, you can concentrate on individual statistics. The leaderboards can also be sorted to suit different players. They can be put into specific groups. You can witness the healthy competition prevailing across the world. At the global level, more than 25 million PokéStops have been visited, and 20 million Pokémon have been captured.

    While considering the gyms, more than 1.3 million have been acquired since the launch of the game. About 12000 captured gyms have been fortunate to defend attacks from other teams. While considering the player base, more than 900,000 eggs have been hatched. 60 million Poke balls have been spent. And more than 2 million kilometers have been covered in search of these digital monster creatures. The team Mystic is famous among all followed by team Valor and Instinct. If you are a Pokémon fanatic, try to reach for the scoreboard.


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