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Dec 11

Amazing Benefits For Kids Playing Video Games

Playing video game is one of the favorite pass time for kids. Parents fear that playing video games on computers or laptops can lead to addiction and affect their studies. But this is not so as kids who play video games can experience various cognitive benefits. Playing online games can boost or stimulate your brain …

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Sep 24

Picking Up a Good Gaming Mouse

A gaming mouse is a small equipment but has a profound impact on the way a person plays a video game. Having a perfect gaming experience is equivalent to having proper gaming gear. Amongst all the gaming gear, the mouse is one of the crucial one. As illustrated by, recent surveys have shown that gamers are …

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Aug 02

Awesome Monitors For Gamers

As a gamer, you should be aware of the fact that the overall experience of gaming depends on several integral and crucial features in the gaming system that you use. The quality of the display on the monitor screen that you use is surely one of the most vital factors in the overall gaming experience …

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Jul 07

Hitting The Leaderboards In Style In The Pokémon Go Series

Catching a Pokémon has been the dream for many. It is also the heart of this exciting series. The game spun by the developer Niantic went viral across the globe as you can explore some real-world locations. The game allows you to keep going until you find them all. Featuring in more than six languages …

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